Children's multi-sensory training room at HOPE School of Nursing Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center opened to the patient
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After the opening ceremony on April 24 of the HOPE School of Nursing Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, there are first group of children attend the treatment activities in the following two months. On every Thursday afternoon, Dr. Fan Jingyi, Deputy Director of Zhongnan Hospital Pediatric Department guided few children to have 1.5 hour rehabilitation activities in the Choldren’s multi-sensory training room. During the interactive process with the children, Dr. Fan guided parents to train their kids’ capacity according to the child's own situation. If the child is more sensitive to color, they would like the color conversion tap Control Panel, and observe the color change. At this time, parents can communicate with their children consciously, strengthening the capacity of language skills.

The first group of children that entered into this children’s multi-sensory training room were diagnosed with delayed language development (autistic behavior of unknown origin). At present, China has 1.64 million autistic children, which bring a huge burden to family and society, but there are only 700 rehabilitation agencies serving children with autism and their families, this was far behind to meet the needs of rehabilitation.

Wuhan University HOPE School of Nursing Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center with the mode of operation based on community-based rehabilitation needs, explore the continuous service from institutions to community and their families. Our school hoping to bring more effectiveness services to those communities member that had need on rehabilitation.

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