Congratulations that our school had major achievement on National Nature Science Foundation Project
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Under the great attention of the leaders of HOPE School of Nursing, and the effort of the faculty. Dr. Wang Ailing and Ms. Yang Bingxiang, two young faculty of our school successfully applied the National Natural Science Foundation of Youth Fund that is the major breakthroughs of the school.

Here we would like to express the sincerely congratulations to the faculty that receive the project, and wish them have great outcome of their research projects.


Picture 1: Dr. Wang Ailing

Female, Ph.D., Lecturer, graduated fromWuhanUniversitywith the Medical Doctoral Degree. Working at HOPE School of Nursing from year 2005. Research area: Basic Research of Asthma, Nursing Education (Simulation Education). Courses that teach: Health Assessment, Nursing Planning and Implementation, Professional English etc.



Picture 2: Ms. Yang Bingxiang

Female, Ph.D. Candidate, Lecturer, received the Master degree of Nursing from Central China University School of Nursing. Research area: Mental Health Nursing, Simulation teaching and conception teaching, nursing informatics. Courses that teach: Nursing Planning and Implementation, Psychology. Ms. Yang devote her work on community mental health rehabilitation and intervention of risk of suicide, she has lot of teaching and research experience on psychology theory teaching, clinical mentor and community site teaching. 

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