Military training
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The most important event for new students is military training, the following is an introduction of military training.

Time: Sep. 14th—Sep. 30th

Place: the spots fields on medical campus (behind Zhongnan Hospital)


1.       Take what the drillmaster asked you to take when you leave your dormitory, for example, stool, cap, cup.

2.       You can prepare some scented tea such as mum or honeysuckle yourself to relieve hot.

3.       You can bring some sugar to restore energy when rest so that avoid tiredness accident.

4.       The shoes for military training are very hard, you can use some insole to comfort yourself, the color of socks you wear should meet the requirement of the drillmaster.

5.       You’d better bring a cup of water in the morning because the hot water supply is always late.

6.       During the military training, students are not allowed to take a leave without specific reason, if you have to take a sick leave, you should have certification from university clinic. Secretly leaving the military training spot is strictly prohibited, your special reason should inform relevant personnel before you leave.

7.       You should take enough sleep during the military training.

8.       You’d better not take the not necessary articles, and pay attention to keep your personal articles.

9.       At the later stage of the military training, students will be chosen and divided into teams, field rescue and flying tiger, you can get better grades if you joined in the first two team.

10.   If you are not comfortable you have to let the drillmaster and teacher know.

At last, hope you can learn something in the military training and enjoy it.

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