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The entrance examination

1.       English examination
At the beginning of the semester, new students will take an English exam and then be divided into international class and national class due to the result.

2.       Student brochure
At the end of the military training, students will get an open-book test for the student brochure.


International class

1.       Introduction of international class
The international class adopted English teaching, English original teaching materials and journals, and international teaching standards. The international class is aimed at training international nursing personnel. Our school has three international professor: Debroah Lindell, Susan Turale and Kelly Burke.
Since 2009 our school signed the contract of sending exchange students with Duke University and Case Western Reserve University, we started sending exchange students to each other from autumn 2010. This year we sent one undergraduate student to Duke University in summer vocation and four to Case Western Reserve University for a whole semester to study critical care, community nursing, and practiced in the teaching hospital. The experience promoted the development of professional attitudes and skills.

2.       The interview for international class
Students who want to join in the international class should fill in an application chart and pass the interview.


Credit system

1.       Overview of credit system
The credit system is the current teaching management system, which is corresponded to academic year system.
First, how many credits you get is an important promise to decide whether you can graduate or not. The nursing undergraduates should get 150 credits in four years, including 119 credits for 33 required courses, and 31 credits for elective courses in which the total credits for general courses should reach 12 credits. As nursing is a subject in mathematic and science discipline, nursing students should get at least 4 credits in elective courses of humanity and society discipline in four years.
Second, credit is related to GPA. Credit score=GPA
×credit, average GPA=total credit scores/total credits.
At last, Wuhan University has implemented credit fee system since September 2010. The tuition fee is consist with registration fee and credit fee, so the tuition fee for each academic year is depend on how many credits student get in the year, but total tuition fee for the four year is the same as before. The university provide students with pre selection scheme for their consideration.

2.       Credit of opening class
The elective courses have five categories: humanity discipline, society discipline, mathematic and science discipline, Chinese civilization and foreign county culture, and cross-discipline field. Students should get at least 2 credits for each categories and the total credits should reach 12 credits. But humanity and society discipline majored student (science discipline majored students) should get 4 credits in mathematic and science discipline (humanity and society discipline). The credits of elective courses that are similar to the student’s major should not be admitted.



1.       Excellent student scholarship
This scholarship is to award undergraduates who are excellent in character and learning, and its coverage is the 5%, 10%, 15% depends on the rank according to students’ “grade score+activity score”.

2.       National scholarship
National scholarship is founded by the centre government, and is to award the most excellent students. 400 students can get this scholarship each year according to the plan of ministry of education, every winning student can get 8000 yuan. This scholarship is highly recognized by the society.


Fail and Retake a course

1.       Fail a course
Do not fail a course! If you fail a course you will loose the chance to get scholarship this academic year and can not get the nomination for exempt examination graduate students. Students who failed for 20 credits should extent one year study, and fail too many courses will be asked to drop out.

2.       Retake a course
There are two situation that students can retake a course: fail a course or unsatisfied with the grade. If a student fail a course he or she should retake the course test next year until he or she pass the course. If a student do not satisfied with the grade, he or she can retake the course test, but the total credits of retaking courses are limited to 10.


Transfer and Double major

1.       Transfer major
Time: the first three weeks in the second semester of every academic year. Students that can not transfer major: junior and senior students, targeted-area students, entrust cultivation students, national defense students, drop-out or reserved students, etc.

2.       Double major
The required learning tasks are: get the academic degree of bachelor of science of nursing, pass the CET level-6 English test, complete 50 credits courses for the second major.
The curriculum begins at the second semester of sophomore, students whose GPA reaches 2.7 (the weighted average score reaches 77) can apply for a second major. If you get a second major that means you should spend all the weekends and holiday to study, and should pay 5000 yuan more for the tuition fee of second major. So that you should think carefully.


Self-study room

All the classrooms could be self-study rooms, and students can also study in the library. At the end of the semester, the study room for preparing examinations in the library should be reserved in advance.

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