It is with great pleasure that on behalf of Wuhan University School of Nursing and Project HOPE that I welcome you to the opening ceremony for the newest school in Wuhan University. Project HOPE was invited by the former Chinese Minister of Public Health Chen Minzhang to assist with the development of higher nursing education programs in China in 1983.Project HOPE assisted with the education of faculty for the 12 baccalaureate programs that were initiated in mid 1980’s and collaborated with Beijing University to develop the first Master’s program in nursing in 1992 for China.
  Today, there are more than 105baccalaureate and 12 master’s programs and this year Shanghai Second Medical Military will open the first doctoral program. Nursing education has flourished along with China in the past 20 years. 

  President Liu of Wuhan University in his remarks at the opening ceremony for Wuhan University in 2003 stated a need for change in curriculums, both content and process is necessary for graduates to face and solve the challenges of the 21st century. To develop critical thinking skills students need a broad arts and science base which foster the development of analysis and creativity.

  Wuhan University School of Nursing invited Project HOPE to assist with the development of a curriculum for baccalaureate, master and doctoral nursing education that will prepare graduates of nursing to be recognized as professionals of high standards in China. Research abroad has revealed that the greatest predictor of positive patient outcomes of health care is based on nursing care by highly educated nurses who are able to teach patients and families how to manage their illnesses, prevent complications and prevent infections. The new teaching approaches in the School of Nursing will involve the student in the teaching learning process with interactive teaching approaches and application in clinical settings concurrent with theory. Emphasis will be on critical thinking, problem solving and communication at all levels.

  Wuhan University School of Nursing and Project HOPE as a team envision that the nursing education programs will meet international standards so that the graduates will be able to easily contribute to the improvement of health care in China and learn from other countries of the world ways to enhance the health of the citizens.

Marcia Petrini, PhD, RN,FAAN
Wuhan University School of Nursing
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