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Dean Marcia Petrini meet with 2012 new graduate students
Source: | Author:pmo16fe85 | Publish time: 2012-09-26 | 339 Views | Share:

At 8:30 am on September 17th 2012, Dean Marcia Petrini of HOPE School of Nursing met 2012 new graduate students in meeting room on the first floor, the teaching secretary Chen Xiaoli held the meeting.

There are 21 new graduate students, since they registered on September 4th they hoped to meet Dean Marcia Petrini. Chen Xiaoli organized the meeting.

The new graduate students come at 8 am waiting for Dean Marcia Petrini. At 8:30 am we welcomed Dean Marcia with applause. In the meeting, Dean Marcia attentively listened to the students’ self-introduction and their plan for their study. Dean Marcia talked with the students friendly and replied to students’ questions. She helps clarify any confusion.  After the meeting, Dean Marcia and 2012 graduate students took a group photo.

The students had deep feeling about this meeting, the talk with Dean Marcia encouraged students to study hard and want to get outstanding achievements when they finish their studies.

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