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Lecture of academic dishonorable behavior
Source: | Author:pmo16fe85 | Publish time: 2013-03-13 | 908 Views | Share:

On March 8th 2013, Professor Marcia gave a lecture of academic dishonorable behavior for the graduate students in 261 classroom in HOPE School of Nursing. Participants were Professor Marcia, Chen Xiaoli and all the graduate students.

Professor Marcia explained what academic dishonorable behavior consists of plagiarism and malicious copy. She said that all the graduate students in HOPE School of Nursing were full-time students, their duty are to study and do research. Every graduate student should think independently, read lots of articles and write in their own words, but not simply copy. Academic dishonorable behavior is a very serious event and intolerable.

After then, Chen Xiaoli explained the official file of academic dishonorable behavior from Wuhan University, and then required every student to read it carefully.

In the last question-and-answer phase, 2012 graduate students who were preparing their thesis asked some questions about plagiarism and correct citing, Ms. Chen and 2011 graduate students gave specific answer.

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