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Genomics and nursing application
Source: | Author:pmo16fe85 | Publish time: 2013-03-20 | 820 Views | Share:

At 14:00 pm on March 19th, Professor Mary Quinn Griffin gave lecture about genomics and nursing application for our faculty and graduate students. Professor Mary comes from nursing school of Case Western Reserve University in America, one of her research aspects is genomics and nursing application.

The lecture lasted for about one and half hours, Professor Mary introduced the basic content of genomics, genetic mutations, genetic disorders, the challenge of applying genomics and its function in nursing. Mutation is any change in DNA sequence, which can be divided into chromosome change and submicroscopic change, it can be mutation of gene cell or somatic cell. Patients’ disease status can be tested and evaluated by using special examination tools to know the family history within three generations. The common diseases that are related to complex inheritance are cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, mental disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Professor Mary mainly introduced breast cancer, colorectal cancer, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and congenital long QT syndrome. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two major gene for breast cancer, each accounts for 45% breast cancer patients, but the genetic screening is very expensive. In the USA the first patient has to spend 3000 dollars for doing the genetic screening, then every family members of the patient has to spend 900 dollars. Gene screening of colorectal cancer is expensive, and if the patient got positive results they have to choose transvaginalhysterectomy. Many patients are very young and in their 30s.

Although genomics is very helpful in medical and healthy enterprise, research is not enough to support application, so that the genomic research should involve different human races to identify the relationship among genes, human races, environment and diseases. The high expense of gene screening is a big burden for common people, which is not good for application so that gene screening can not function well in disease prevention. The application of genomics in nursing includes clinical nursing, disease prevention, and patient education. Nurses have to learn more about genomics to promote self-development, function as an coordinator, protector in gene screening, and consultation for patients.

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