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Celebrate the Nurses’ Day and Mothers’ Day
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May 12th 2013 was the Nurses’ Day and Mothers’ Day, we held a celebration for the festival in the discussion room of nursing school. Dean Marcia Petrini, Australian Professor Susan Turale, Japanese Professor Mari Kondo Sato, all the faculty and 2012 graduate students participated in the celebration.

Dean Marcia congratulated us firstly and then emphasized the importance of nursing.  She hoped that we love nursing and do what we can to promote Chinese nursing enterprise. She also expressed her appreciation for mothers and asked us to show our appreciation and love to our mothers.

Then Professor Turale introduced the origin of Nurses’ Day, the story of Florence Nightingale, and the international nursing aim. She encouraged us to help those who need help and improve nursing level at the same time.

After then Dean Marcia invited us to share the cake that cut by our two new mothers Ms. Liu Yanqun and Ms. Yang Bingxiang. The celebration lasted for one hour and ended in happiness.

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