Participate in simulation lab, let’s “do it” together
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--the training of case design and implementation of simulation teaching hit a success!

On May 22nd, 2015 the first simulation teaching workshop of 2015 occurred at the HOPE School of Nursing of Wuhan University. This comes six months after the last Chinese-American simulation teaching workshop. Teachers came from all over China got together in HOPE School of Nursing and participated in the three-day simulation training with great enthusiasm.

At 9:00 AM on May 22nd, Associate Dean Liu Ping gave an opening speech expressing her deep expectation of the development of nursing education enterprise and her hope to successfully hold the simulation training. After the speech and group photo was taken, then the simulation training started. In the morning three different lectures were given, The Application of Nursing Teaching Approaches by Ms. Luo Dan, Experiences of Simulation Teaching of Patient Safety and Psychological Nursing by Ms. Yang Bingxiang, and American Simulation Teaching by Ms. Susan Schory an American nursing education expert. In the afternoon, Deputy Director Xu Aijing briefly introduced the process of nursing case design. Once she concluded the Practice phase began. All the teachers who were in the training were divided into three groups and started to design simulation case under the direction of our faculty.

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