Dr. Cai Yi taught the exchange students from Case Western Reserve University (Case) about Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.
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On September 10, 2015, in the conference room on HOPE School of Nursing Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Cai Yi, faculty of our school, gave a lecture to two exchange students from CWRU. The teaching content includes Theory of Yin and Yang, Five elements, Organs, Meridan etc. which are main concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its basic theory. The students are learning TCM with the guidance of Dr. Cai. They listened carefully to the lecture and interacted with the professor frequently. Through the lecture, the students from the other part of the world gained a basic understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are excited for the following lectures, and look forward to knowing more about the culture and wisdom of the Chinese Tradition and how it relates to medicine. 

The interactive between teacher and student

Dr. Cai gave lecture with enthusiasm

Student listened the lecture carefully

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