Freshmen education on psychological health in our School
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Freshmen education is an important part of university orientation, it’s aimed to instruct freshmen to have clearly goal, to understand and acquire with university rules and regulations, which is an important prerequisite for University life. In order to help the freshmen to adapt to the university learning successfully and help the transition from senior high school to college, Dr. Ma Xin from Mental Health, School of Medicine and Counseling Center organized a freshmen psychological health and success education lecture.

On September 11th at 3 pm, a lecture and discussion was held with the theme being "how the freshmen encounter confusion in university”. The teacher referred to ten major confusions, including the question about learning, life and other aspects. And they summed up some suggestions and methods for the students on how to integrate into the university life. During the lecture, the students carefully listened and applaused from time to time. Especially when watching a video showed about college students falling in love, which is closely to the students' life. This video had interesting and rich content, students felt the romance atmosphere which touched them.


After the lecture, HOPE's new students communicated with each other discussing their ideas on how they will work hard in college. This discussion gave them determination to work hard in their future college years. Freshmen education mobilizes the learning enthusiasm of the majority of students, which is not only benefiting the freshmen students’ work, but also making a very good foundation for future psychological education.


As freshmen of 2015, they have just started their new and colorful life in university, HOPE School of Nursing will continue to focus on their psychological growth, pay more attention to the cultivation of good psychological quality and create a healthy growth for students.

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