Fraternity of graduate students in HOPE School of Nursing
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In order to improve the communication among our graduate students, promote their friendship and unity, and enrich after class activities. In the afternoon on November 16th, fraternity of graduate students in Wuhan University HOPE School of Nursing was held in Maanshan forest park. This activity was supported by the leadership of nursing school, and was planned by the graduate secretary Liu Yanqun.

The students divided work upon different grades, during the procedure of selecting spot, and food. During the division  of task and the barbecue it was revealed that nursing students are careful, loving hearted, and responsible. Students enjoyed the nature and left behind the heavy load of studies. Students were enthusiastic during the activity , games and performances brought a lot laughter. After the activity, students cleaned up the place which attracted appreciates from the surrounded people.

This activity improved the students to know each other, deepened students’ friendship of unity, and formed the foundation for further academic communication between grades.

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