The employment of our graduates of grade 2012 is an excellent result
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Recently, we got news from the Employment Service Center of Wuhan University that the majority of the 2012 nursing graduates had signed the employment agreement, and the employment rate of nursing graduates was the number one of the university. Most graduates are working in tertiary hospitals in Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Lianyungang. The employment situation was great.


In recent years, our school pays a lot of attention in employment service to increase the employment rate and quality of graduates. Associate Dean Liu Ping whom in charge of this work took her every effort to supervise, plan and implement employment services. Our school established and strengthened the employers and graduates information database. The database released updated employment information and job offers via the school website, QQ network community and blog to ensure that every student get the information and achieve a full coverage of employment information.


The higher employment rate of our students reflects “theory-lab-clinic” synchronous teaching pattern has improved students’ comprehensive quality and promoted their employment competitiveness. This allowed our graduates to get approbation and high appraisal from the tertiary hospitals, and welcomed by the employers. Most graduates were included into the hospital’s “training plan of nursing key personnel”, some of the graduates got the position of head nurse or associated head nurse, or awarded as excellent nurses of provincial or city hospitals. From this, HOPE Nursing School acquired good social benefits.

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