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Marcia Petrini and her students from the Nursing School of Wuhan University visit a patient at the Wuhan Zhongnan Hospital. Jin Siliu / For China Daily

My China Dream | Marcia Petrini

A nursing specialist from the US wants to raise the status of nurses in Chinese hospitals, and she has been working toward this goal for more than two decades. Xu Wei and Li Bo report from Wuhan.

Helping nurses in Chinese hospitals discover the value of their jobs is one of Marcia Petrini's ambitions, and she has dedicated much effort toward this since her first trip to China in 1988.

Petrini, 71, became the dean of the Nursing School of Wuhan University in 2003 when the newly built school was recruiting worldwide.

She knew the job was not going to be easy as her previous stint as a consultant to hospitals and nursing schools in China made her aware of the role of nurses in Chinese hospitals.

"I knew basically nurses here are undervalued and they have the potential to really contribute a lot more to the healing of the patients," she says

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