With the beautiful scenery of Wuhan University Luojia Hill, it’s the golden season to welcome freshman
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The Freshman Welcome has come to a successful conclusion

On September 8, HOPE School of Nursing began the two day Freshman Welcome event. Over 30 volunteers from school participated into this activity. The volunteers are members of the Student Union of HOPE School of Nursing and other students. To ensure a successful event the leader of the school planned entire event well in advance. The Student Union organized the meeting with volunteers, set up the activity plan, and allocated all the tasks. The volunteers were work at the registration desk, in the guide group and promotion group.

The first day started early in the morning, all volunteers started to lay out all the stuff needed. Such as tent, desk, orientation material, publicity layout etc.

Every year the volunteers play the most important role in the whole welcome freshmen activity. Volunteers guided the new students and their parents to their dormitory. After they arrived, the student volunteers gave their contact information to the new students. One parent from Shandong province said “I never thought that the school did this much for my kid. I am impressed by your kindness and helpfulness. I am not worry anymore to left my kid here, thank you so much!” Under the teacher’s organization, the whole welcome activity finished without any problems.

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