3rd AHSA Program——Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center
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Health care professionals in Wuhan recognize the importance of helping patients who require rehabilitation services to make the transition from an acute care facility to the community. 

With the opening of the Comprehensive Simulated Rehabilitation Center at Wuhan University HOPE School of Nursing, patients will have access to quality rehabilitative care to help manage their disabilities.  

HSON was awarded a ASHA grant which allowed for the development of the Center.  Equipment has been obtained and installed in rooms on the first floor of the nursing school. 

This center offers an active learning environment for community-based rehabilitation training.  Six hundred students will be educated annually in this facility.    

Eleven nursing faculty were trained at the University of Hawaii on advanced rehabilitation and simulation concepts.  These experienced faculty will be providing evidence-based instruction to students. 

The Center will serve as a research platform for faculty, nursing personnel from seven teaching hospitals and thirty clinical supervisors from five community centers. 

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