We are young, we are together
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 - HOPE School of Nursing Freshman welcome tea party

In the evening of September 26, HOPE School of Nursing held a welcome tea party for the freshman. During the party, students interacted with each other and the instructor actively. All the participants overwhelmed by the energetic of freshman.

Firstly, a video about the military training edited by students was played. And then party began with singing songs and dancing. Talk show about the military training reminded all the freshman about their one month training which was hard but joyful.

In the end, group photos were taken among students and their instructors. Even the entire activity only last about one and half hour, everyone acquired with each other, and felt the HOPE School of Nursing as their home.

This is just the beginning of their four years study, everyone hopes that holding hands together, to let HOPE School of Nursing become much brighter. We are young, we are together.

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