Professor Peggy Hawkins gives lecture to faculty and students of HOPE School of Nursing
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Professor Peggy L. Hawkins gave us a series lectures about English thesis writing, nursing research to our faculty and students in the afternoon of March 28, 2016. At the meantime, she discussed and shared her experience with the audience. 
Professor Peggy L. Hawkins is the former Dean of the Nursing School, Creighton University in US, her research areas are Mental Health Nursing, while doing the research, she also teaches the nursing management and nursing research course to the PhD candidates. 
In this lecture, Professor Hawkins introduce the APA pattern, IMRaD model in Quantitative Research, Qualitative research design process, the requirement of ethics and the key point of sampling approach. When she demonstrated the adjust method of APA pattern, she provided the internet and other related resources to the audience. 
The feedback from faculty and students are positive, they’ve learned and known about the English thesis writing method, and the process of the related research. Professor Hawkins shared with the audience about her email address, showed her interest for further interaction and communication with the faculty and students of HOPE School of Nursing. 
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