Ready for fun-the 2016 spring interesting sport games
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The weather on Sunday afternoon was fine, school’s students’ union hold a interesting sport games on the basketball court. It’s the first time to hold such an event independently organized by the freshman of the new student sports union.

The sport games included the ball race, touching stone across the river, running balloons, fairies etc, with a total of seven games. In the whole game, students actively participated, and enjoyed them. The rules are firstly adopted the random grouping, team battle than to the finals. The girls and boys had more chance to play together. In the ball race, since our competitors were quite nervous at the start, the table tennis in their hands were always off, leaving everyone laugh out of chairs. But after a period of time, they ran smoothly to the end.

Students are actively involved in each project to get everyone's consistent high praise. The games have not only exercised the students' body, letting the students to experience joy in sports, and love sports in the future, meanwhile, cultivating the students' sentiment. We can also see HOPE students’ enthusiasm and passion to create a harmonious, warm nursing school, and show their elegant demeanor actively.

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