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Teaching Principle and method

Course Code:1000277                    College: HOPE school of nursing

Semester:Spring                         Intended Students: The third year students

Credits: 2                               Instructor: Luo Dan (Chinese)

Course Content:

Course Objectives

Completed this course, students will be able to

  • Assess the individual needs of each patient and focusing specifically on various cultural, gender, age, and literacy issues
  • Design and implement individually tailored, scientifically sound patient education that addresses the essential domains of knowledge, skills, and attitudes; focuses on coping mechanisms; and assesses achievement of educational objectives through valid and reliable methods
  • Utilize appropriate methods to involve the patient and confirm the patient’s comprehension during the process of education.
  • Provide instructions to patients and their significant others that are comprehensive and address home care skills, pain management, dietary recommendations, lifestyle modifications, follow-up care, and symptoms and signs that need to be brought to the attention of the health care works.
  • Collaborate with other professions on approaches to enhance patient education and sharing of relevant and easily comprehensible educational materials
  • Evaluate the impact of patient education on patient care using well-designed scientific methods
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