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Health assessment

After completion of the course, the students are able to:

  1. memorize the normal range of physical status and function;
  2. familiarize with the relationship of nursing process and health assessment;
  3. utilize skillfully visualization, palpation, percussion and accusation;
  4. familiarize with the assessment methodologies and content;
  5. apply nursing process to help assess health people, seek potential or existing health problems, as well as make initial nursing care plan.
  6. make accurate judgment regarding the difference of normal and abnormal signs;
  7. identify potential health problems based upon subjective and objective data.


Main course content includes:

  1. the process and skills of conduction health assessment;
  2. what and how to assess different systems of human body;
  3. special assessment requirement for elderly, children and pregnant woman;
  4. Conducting of vital signs and complete health assessment.


Teaching strategies: lecture, video-assisted skill demonstration; in-class demonstration; lab practice and clinical practice

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