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Nursing Management and Evaluation

3. Analyze several theories of leadership/management and the major preposition of each.

4. Compare management and power bases in the organization.

5. Critique staffing, budget, scheduling components that directly involve the nurse manager.

6. Apply the change process in a clinical setting.

7. Practice group dynamics and team building skills.

8. Apply quality improvement and risk management techniques in the acute care setting.


Course Outline:

This course is divided into four modules.  The written components will be enhanced by classroom discussion and activities.  The class weeks and modules are as follows:

Module 1  Understanding Nursing Management and Organizations

Module 2  Key Skills in Nursing Management

Module 3  Human Resource Management Skills

Module 4  Basic Survival Skills in Nursing


Module Objectives:

Module 1:           

       l. Define accountability as it relates to the goals of nursing.

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