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Professor Hu Jie from University of North Carolina gave classes to our graduate students

From December 19th to 25th 2012, Professor Hu Jie from University of North Carolina gave classes about nursing research to our graduate students.

Professor Hu Jie works on nursing education and research in University of North Carolina in America, she is experienced in teaching nursing research. Her main research area is diabetes and has published several articles in authoritative journals recorded in SCI.

During the one-week class, Professor Hu Jie taught about the function of nursing research, basic concepts, research process, research methods, and writing articles. She also introduced the hot theme in international nursing, shared her experience and tips. Professor Hu Jie was serious, rigorous about teaching the course and designing the course. She used articles as cases to explain theories and concept framework, qualitative and quantitative research, which made the abstract knowledge more understandable and impressive.

The one-week course let students learn the content, steps and methods of nursing research, and formed the foundation of doing research for students. Students learned the serious and rigorous research attitudes from Professor Hu Jie, which will benefit us all.

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