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Sharing experience of 2011 graduate students

On April 12nd 2012, 2011 graduate students shared their experience of doing research and writing papers to 2012 graduate students in 211 classroom before their graduation. It started from 16:30 pm and lasted for one hour.

They used the form of answering questions, 2012 graduate students asked questions about how to choose a nursing theory, develop research framework, select scales, recruit participants and design the interventions, and 2011 graduate students answered. Meanwhile, 2011 graduate student Ha Mei told her study process and shared her experience and tips to the lower-grade students.

At the end, Associate Professor Chen Xiaoli encouraged the communication between 2012 graduate students and 2011 upper-grade students. She also talked about the research, she said that during the research planning students have to go to the study sites to finish the survey and studies, do not work behind closed doors.

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