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Nursing Research

Course Code: 1000229             College: HOPE School of Nursing

Semester: Spring                 Intended Students: Third Year Students

Credits: 3                       Instructor: Liu Yan Qun (China)

Course Content:

Nursing Research is a seminar class designed for the discussion of research methodology. This course provides learning opportunities to assist the student to have an introductory understanding of the professional nurse as a beginning researcher through discussion of nursing research methodology. After finishing this course, the students can use the terms associated with nursing research, describe the process of nursing research , critique one research study, apply the research results to clinical practices and nursing education, and write a research proposal .

Nursing Research is presented in seven modules.  Modular objectives facilitate meeting the course objectives.

Module 1 focuses on nursing and the research process.  It includes recognition of the terms associated with nursing research as well as the importance of research in nursing.  Areas of possible student research interest are identified and the major steps of the research process are identified.

Module 2speaks to problem identification and assists in distinguishing between the problem statement and purpose of the study.  Criteria for researchable nursing topics are described and students select a topic to develop.

Module 3deals with research methods and the types of research. The characteristics of research designs are discussed along with critiquing the design section of research articles based on given criteria.  Students select and develop the appropriate design for a group research topic.

Module 4explores methods of data collection. Samples and populations are differentiated in addition to identifying different types of samples.  Advantages and disadvantages of major types of instruments used in data collection are identified.  Students identify their sample and critique an appropriate data collection instrument for their research topic.

Module 5addresses ethical considerations during the research process.  Steps in the ethical decision making process are identified along with examples of ethical dilemmas in nursing research. Students explore potential ethical dilemmas of current published research.

Module 6focuses on data analysis and the use of computers for data analysis.  Descriptive statistical terminology is identified along with determining the appropriate data analysis in a given situation. Students discuss data results from current research articles.

Module 7completes research methodology by addressing findings, conclusions and research reports.  Students critique one research study of choice in an oral report.



Course Evaluation:



The Percent of the course grade

Final exam


Written a proposal and oral critique of selected research study 


Class Participation


Class attendance



Nursing Research: Principles and Methods.(7th ed)Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Denise F.Polit,Cheryl Tatano Beck, 2004

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