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Mental-Psychological Professor Teri Stone from England gave classes for grade 2013 graduate students

From April 28th to May 1st 2014, Mental-psychological professor Teri Stone from England taught Mental Health for grade 2013 graduate students.

Professor Teri Stone is from England, she is now works in Yamaguchi University in Japan. This Professor abundant clinical and teaching experience and she has various research programs in China, Australia and Korea.

In the five class session, students love the humorous and various teaching methods that Professor Teri used. Also, the psychological terms became vivid in the process. Professor Teri used different teaching methods to make students more active. Though we did not have the chance to practice in clinical, but Professor Teri used her exquisite performance to show the real clinical situations to students. The positive atmosphere allowed students to learn lots of communication skills. Professor Teri appraised for students’ positive learning attitudes. In spite of the short learning time, students learned a lot, they not only got new knowledge about mental-psychological nursing, but also got impressed by professor Teri’s teaching methods.

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