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Professor Susan Turale gave lessons for graduate students grade in 2012 and 2013

From May 4th to 15th 2014, Professor Susan Turale taught Nursing Education for grade 2012 and 2013 graduate students.

Susan Turale has worked as a teacher for decades, and has abundant teaching experience. She is now working in Chiang Mai University in Thailand, and an editor for International Nursing Review and Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research.

Professor Turale showed us various teaching strategies, including general teaching strategies and specific nursing education strategies. This course not only benefits the students who wants to be an educator but also good for those who will work in clinics because health education to patients is an important part of clinical work. The most impressive things were the class activities and especially the last presentation on course design. Each group paid attention to their own design and also gave thoughts on other groups designs. The activity was an important and meaningful part, students benefit by learning from each other. Although this course took two weeks the students felt the time flying. Students got a profound understanding of nursing education under the guidance of Professor Turale.

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