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Nursing ethics

At the end of the course the student will be able to: 1 To define ethics; 2 To present various ethical theories; 3 To relate models of ethical decision making to clinical situations; 4 To understand the complexity of ethical decision making with the evolving changes in health and society; 5 To participate in analysis of various clinical situations based on the theory base of nursing ethics and clinical decision making; 6 To become familiar with ethical standards in other countries and recognize that ethics are culturally related

The course will utilize lectures, class discussion, case study, role play, DVD teaching, and group report activities in order to improve the undergraduates’interests and activeness.


Course Evaluation:

Evaluation will be based upon satisfactory completion of class discussion ( 10%), homework and group report ( 30%), and final examination ( 60%).




List of Recommended References:

《Principles of biomedical ethics》fifth edition ,Oxford University, Tom L.Beachamp, 2001

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