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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

Module description:

This Module is designed to address nursing concepts related to altered psychological status (psychiatric and mental health). The focus is on clients with acute and chronic psychiatric disorders and their mental health. Nursing strategies that are appropriate for assessment and intervention with individuals, families, and groups to facilitate optimal holistic health especially mental health will be discussed and practiced.

Module Objectives

By the completion of this course, the student will achieve the following objectives related to the care of persons with psychosocial disorders:

1. Integrate theoretical knowledge from nursing and related disciplines, in the development of a framework for clinical nursing practice that addresses intrapersonal, interpersonal, and extrapersonal influences on mental health promotion and illness prevention.

2. Articulate the importance of self-awareness in mental health nursing.

3. Formulate clinical nursing judgments and skills in providing direct care to clients experiencing acute and chronic alterations in mental health.

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