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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

5.   Teach clients content appropriate to individual level of comprehension about personal health, disease, diet, medications, treatment, etc.

6.   Evaluate the implementation of care in given situations based upon nursing theory.majorTeaching content:

Topic outline:

Module 1: Nursing care of the clients with Altered psychological status

Module2: Nursing care of the clients with Genetic /Chronic Alterations

Module3: Nursing care of the clients with physiological alterations from Disease, Diet and Deterioration

Module 4: Nursing care of the clients experiencing surgical Alterations

Module 1 nursing care of clients with genetic/chronic alterations

Module description: module 1 analyzes the importance of self-management for client/family with genetic/chronic alteration. Discuss the effect of genetic/chronic diagnosis on individual and family. Present the community resources for the individual and family. And the students should understand the importance of prevention.

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