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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

Assignment: 1 preview nursing care of patient with cerebral surgery

          2. review the route nursing in anesthesia recovery period

Simulation: Nursing care of patients with cerebral surgery return to ward (Condition monitoring, avoid safety and infection)

Assignment: Integrate clinic experience with literature review to complete written evidence-based paper.

Topic: Ensure patients’ safety and control surgical infection

           Review nursing care of orthopedic surgery

Objective 3Foresee effects of surgery on patients’ life and developmental stage

Week 3  rehabilitation in post-operative patients (5hours)

Class Objectives

1 Master the nursing care of pre-operative and post-operative care of orthopedic surgery

2 Master rehabilitation exercises for patients with orthopedic surgery.

3 Recognize common complications after orthopedic surgery and develop its nursing interventions

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