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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

1. Introduce related factors with surgical alterations (stress, anxiety, pain, self-image disorder)

2. Introduce the effects of surgical alterations on physical, psychological and social interaction of client and family illustrating cervical and breast cancer.

3.Discuss and develop effective nursing intervention.

Simulation (2hours)

Students need to do scenario simulation to take care of the patient in given cases of cervical cancer and breast cancer

Assignment: Preview the pre-operative and post-operative nursing of cerebral surgery.

Review chapters in fundamental nursing, such as Hospital Infection Prevention and Control, Vital Signs, Hygiene, Intravenous Infusion and Blood Transfusion.

Objective 2: Discuss safety care in surgical module

Week 2: safety care (5hours)

 Class objectives

1、Students can recognize the effected factors of patient’s safety

2、Students can identify the risk factors of post-operative infection

3、Students can develop effective interventions to prevent post-operative infection

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