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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

4、Students can master pre-operative and post-operative route nursing through cases

5、Students can assess the needs of patients with cerebral surgery, make diagnosis and develop effective nursing plan.

Class Arrangement

Patient’s safety (3hours)

1. Introduce related concepts (safety, risk, accident, error, prevention, infection, pressure sore)

2. Review and discuss the potential risky factors in clinic, and guide the students to develop interventions to protect patient’s safety.

3. Discuss the nurse’s role in infection control and prevention of pressure sores.

4. Analyze the interventions to ensure safety illustrating cerebral surgery and urologic surgery cases.

Assignment: 1 preview nursing care of patient with cerebral surgery

          2. review the route nursing in anesthesia recovery period

Simulation: Nursing care of patients with cerebral surgery return to ward (Condition monitoring, avoid safety and infection)

Assignment: Integrate clinic experience with literature review to complete written evidence-based paper.

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