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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ
  • Group discussion: the effects on patients development and social function based on cases of orthopedic surgery
  • Assignment: develop rehabilitation plan for cases (including inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation plan)

    Post-operative Complications (2hours)

    • Discuss: identify complications according clinic experience last semester.
    • Group discuss: how to avoid complications in orthopedic surgery
    • Summarize the nursing care for patients with complications of orthopedic surgery

    Utilize related concepts in formulating holistic nursing plan.

    Week 4  Holistic nursing plan (3hours)

    Role play: select clinic cases, two groups of students make performance of taking care of patients in perioperative period.

    Teaching Strategies:

    The course will utilize a modular approach in small-size class to instruction. Teaching methods will include discussion, student presentations, case studies, scenario simulation, lecture and audio-visual materials such as films, video, and audio tapes.

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