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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

2. The students need to search at least 2 articles on self-management of patients/families with genetic/chronic illness, which includes at least 1 English article. They need to read all of them before the class.

Assignment:the students need to apply the results of the discussion in the class into the clinical. They also need to turn in written report to the teacher about the effectiveness and experience. (the written report should be turned in before 8pm of the fourth week of each shift.)

Objectives 2: Discuss the effect of genetic / chronic alteration on client/family.

(3 class hours; Presentation and Discussion)


  1. Analyze the effect of genetic/chronic alteration on individual, family, and society.
  2. The nurse’s role in the assessment of depression and/or suicide tendency related to the genetic/chronic illness.
  3. Select three of the cases in clinical practice. Discuss the effect of genetic/chronic        

alteration on client, family, and society.

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