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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

Pre-class preparation

1. The students should review the psychological knowledge they learned last semester, especially the assessment of depression and suicide potential.

2. The students need to search the newest demographic data of genetic/chronic illness, which includes morbidity, mortality, admission rate, hospital expenses, and medical expenses, etc. They need to read all of them before the class and report it.

3.Divide the students into 3 groups. Each group can choose one case they took care before to discuss the effect of the genetic/chronic illness on the patient, family, and society. Then the students need to present it with PPTs. After the presentation, all the students attend the discussion.

Assignment:assess if the patient has depression, anxiety, and suicide tendency, and report the assessment results to the clinical teachers.

Objectives 3: Consider community resources for the individual and family with a chronic debilitating condition.

(1 class hours; Lecture and Discussion)

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