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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ


  1. Identify individual and family support systems.

2. Identify community resources, social support network for the individual and family with a chronic debilitating condition.

3.  Consider the access to gain the community resources.

  1. Choose 3 cases from clinical practice to discuss.

Pre-class preparation

1. The students need to search the international and domestic policies and laws related to genetic/chronic illness, the newest information and action that community do to genetic/chronic illness. They need to read all of them before the class.

2. Divide the students into 3 groups. Each group can choose one case they took care before to discuss the access that the patient and family to gain the community resources and what community resources they can have currently. Then the students need to present it by oral or PPTs. After the presentation, all the students attend the discussion.

Assignment:to search the useful community resource for the patients/families the students are taking care. Tell the patients/families the information, and then turn in the written report of the whole process and evaluation of the usefulness of the community resource before 8pm of the third Sunday each shift.

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