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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ

Objectives 4: Discuss the importance of prevention for client/family with genetic/chronic alteration.

(10 class hours; Lecture, Discussion, and Simulation activity)


  1. Discuss the importance of three levels of prevention. (2 class hours; Lecture and Discussion)

1) Introduce the definition of prevention and three levels of prevention.

2) How to do intervention to prevent the chronic diseases?

3)Group discussion: discuss the characteristics of prevention for hypertension, diabetes, and tumor. How to do it in different area, such as hospital, home, and community?

Pre-class preparation

1. The students need to review the concept of prevention.

2.The students need to search the research on the prevention of hypertension, diabetes, and tumor. They need to read the articles and analyze.

3. The importance of genetic screening and genetic counseling for families. (1 class hours; Discussion)

  1. Let the students list common genetic diseases
  2. Identify the purposes and methods for genetic screening
  3. Discuss the high risk population of genetic screening.
  4. The role of the nurse in genetic counseling.
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