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Nursing Planning and Implementation Ⅱ
  1. Identify the definition of rehabilitation. (0.5 class hour)
  2. How to assess the need of rehabilitation of the patients with chronic illness, such as disability, muscle force, joint activity, and daily life ability, etc. (1 class hour)
  3. Introduce the common rehabilitation methods. (1 class hour)
  4. Discuss the influence of rehabilitation to the patients with chronic illness. Let the students search the newest evidence based research on rehabilitation and share the information. (0.5 class hour)

5) Simulation activity: let the students take care a patient with type 2 diabetes who just got the complication, diabetes foot. (3 class hours)

Pre-class preparation

1. The students should review the required knowledge and skills before the simulation activity.

2. The students should to finish a detailed medication management plan before the simulation activity.

3. The students need to make sure their roles before the simulation activity.

Module 2 Nursing care of the patient with psychological alternation

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